If you don't go up front and start the conversation, who will?
    Can you allow your fear that this conversation might not happen to grow bigger than your fear of giving the talk? If so, then you got it.
    See those ropes holding that guy up in the air? These are your Bright Principles.
    The secret to giving a Worktalk is to radically rely on your Bright Principles rather than on what you know in your mind.
    Let your Bright Principles carry you through the Worktalk.

  • Exact Instructions for Giving A Worktalk


    Don't be stupid.

    Things do not happen all by themselves.


    You might not notice how things actually happen when someone else is giving a Worktalk, but that is only because they are using more refined distinctions to create results than you are aware of.


    You can become more aware of distinctions that are used for creating new results. It probably won't take as long as you might fear.


    The way to Prepare Yourself is to place Building Matrix at the center of your life rather than things like: survival, fame, power, security, possessions, sex, status, position, etc.


    Will your Worktalk be fabulous the first time? Not likely.


    But it will work as well as it can work. How it goes gives you precise feedback about where you are, which is the most important information enabling you to be able to go somewhere else.


    It pays to arrange the setup so that inelegance and sloppiness will not cost you too much. For example, do not rent a thousand-seat concert hall for your first Worktalk. Whoever does come would have Mount-Everest-level expectations of your space-holding and navigation skills. They will be disappointed and must then dedicate themselves to getting revenge by writing a terrible review of their experience with you. Plus, you won't get your $3000 back from the room rental and publicity costs.


    What follows is a description of how one Possibilitator holds and navigates the space of a Worktalk. This is a personal sharing, an effort to share what they are doing inside to create certain results outside.


    This is not intended to be regarded as 'The One True Way', but rather as a sample of what is possible that has proven to often work.


    How you do it may be significantly different from this. What matters is the results.


    Here is an Experiment (MATRIX CODE: WORKTALK.01 for StartOver.xyz) Please document in your Beep! Book as completely and precisely as this description below how you create and navigate the space of a Worktalk so that others may learn from your discoveries. Make your notes available in articles, websites, books, films, and webinars.

    We need more Worktalks.

    1. I Commit to doing exactly what I am giving instructions how to do.
    2. I am Centered in the First Position of a Possibility Manager.
    3. I have a Grounding Cord to the center of Earth.
    4. I am Holding Space from eight points.
    5. I am Present. Here. Now. Seeing. Hearing. Feeling. Being present.
    6. I have Grounded the space and cleansed it.
    7. I have refilled the space with a huge ball of my own golden energy and information.
    8. I set the Context of the space.
    9. I have refilled the space with the map using my Sword of Clarity and Distinctions.
    10. I Declare that who I am is: a Possibilitator.
    11. I Stand for Archetypal Love. This is what I am made of.
    12. I commit to creating Possibility for myself and others.
    13. I already have everything that I need.
    14. I feel scared and so I know that I have the possibility of Creation.
    15. I use my Sword of Clarity to make distinctions, boundaries, and Transformational Questions.
    16. I have a Voice Blaster which I use to blow away voices in my head.
    17. I ignite my Purpose Sniffer to stay attentive to the question, "What is my purpose?"
    18. I direct my Wand of Declaration to hold my Attention on the question, "What am I creating?" If I know what I am creating, then I know what others are creating. If I stop fooling myself, then I cannot be fooled by others.
    19. I stand for Radical Responsibility. This makes the space safe.
    20. I am at source. Therefore, I am the map. I am where I am, and I commit to the Journey.
    21. It is impossible for me to become a Victim because I remain Unhookable.
    22. I am in contact with everyone, personally, individually. Therefore I know where they are.
    23. I have my Gremlin on a short chain with the assignment to inform me about the other Gremlins in the Space. I know that, particularly in this safe space, there will be projections and Reactivity coming up in people. I intend to surf on that energy to create more awareness in the Worktalk.
    24. We are bonded. I include everyone. This does not mean that they will be able to go everywhere that I go. It means that even if I go somewhere they are unwilling to go, we are still in relationship. They are still included. They are not excluded. They are not wrong.
    25. And then I talk as the space through which my Bright Principles can do their work in the world.
    26. We are always already going somewhere. Most of the time we are not conscious of where it is we are going. So, I speak consciously. I speak with intention. I speak being aware of what it is that we are creating together. And because we are in contact, if I am aware of where we are, everyone else can become aware of where we are. They can be present. I invite them to be present. We can all be present together.
    27. I do not know what I will say next. It is not a plan. I have 3 possible spaces in front of me, yet I do need to refer to these as a logical check list. It is more like 3 Doorways to possibly go through together. Going through a Doorway requires us as a group to have certain things with us that we have understood viscerally. So we work to pick those things up by creating/encountering them along the way. It is not too different from a video game, except that things are not seen with these eyes. They are seen with another level of eyes, or they are sensed by the body, seen by the body as a whole.
    28. I know where we need to go and I keep pointing out things to notice until people get them. I am extraordinarily patient, except with ego I am intolerant, in a sly inarguable way. I will not play the Gremlin game. This is not a Gremlin feeding ground. I will not battle ego on ego's terms because as soon as I engage the contest, ego owns the context.
    29. I do not necessarily go first. If someone else arrives there first I simply put attention there and we are there with them. I don't go where we don't want to go.
    30. I know where I want to go because I smell Treasure. I am bringing other Treasure Hunters with me to bring back as much Treasure as we can. If they do not get pick up the Treasure along the way, I cannot go further. I am not invested in us actually getting anywhere. I already have everything that I need.
    31. I will not engage the intellect, and yet the Worktalk is safe for intellect. Instead of staying within the limits of modern culture's values and reasoning I Go Nonlinear. When we are stuck in a doorless chamber, we go waterfall, we go key-lime pie, we go Ender's Game, we go Beethoven's 7th, we go dust balls. We keep moving.
    32. When we are stuck in a doorless chamber, I make sure that everyone knows that we are stuck in a doorless chamber. I make sure I am in solid contact with everyone - I check-in momentarily to make sure everyone trusts the connection - and then, very gently, I lean my shoulder up against a wall of the space and easefully fall right through into the next chamber. Without even knowing, everyone comes right along with me.
    33. I move by holding a question. A question is an 'electrical' charge that is distinct from the background environment and requires an answer. A question is a 'Quest-Ion'. The charge on the Quest-Ion either attracts the answer to me, or me to the answer. The forces move us into the next space. The purpose of a question is not to get an answer, but rather to get a better question.
    34. I am careful to note the source of a question in a person's worlds. I use discernment. One Shadow Purpose question that is not identified as a Shadow Purpose question and a chamber may be destroyed.
    35. I pay attention to details - but not from my mind. I let the space guide me with what it offers. I do not struggle. I am a yes.
    36. I agree with the primate when it appears. I do not confront it.
    37. I am patient. One sudden move, one badly timed question, and untold possibilities are made inaccessible forever.
    38. I assume that everything is my fault. If the space is controlled it cannot live. I move and relate as vulnerable confidence.
    39. I protect the space from wandering entities who are hungry to feed off of something as juicy as this. I 'as is' them by saying "Hello." to the entity at a distance as soon as I detect them. There is no conversation with the entity. We do not need any 'help'.
    40. It takes many organs to build an angel. Everyone is needed for this High Drama journey.
    41. It is better to have and include the Denying Force as an internal function in the group rather than to have it appear from outside of the group.
    42. The center of the labyrinth needs only a moment. Trying to stay in the center of the labyrinth is like wanting to eat only candy, trying to live on top of Mount Everest, begging for orgasm to never end, always wanting a beautiful sunset. Forget about it.
    43. When the Worktalk journey is finished I bring people back through re-entry phase into the ordinary worlds, and vanish and clean out the space as if we were never there.
  • Work-Talk Examples

    When watching them, pay attention to the skills and technology at work:
    in spaceholding

    in space navigating

    in going nonlinear

    in bringing lightness

    in rolling the space

    in scanning the space and the participants

    in connecting with the space and the participants

    in the use of the sword and the Gremlin

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